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Our Expertise

Our vision for the future is one where we continually strive to develop a close relationship with both suppliers and customers in order to build a strong business foundation which benefits all parties. We believe in not only providing tailoring to the most exacting standards, but exceeding all expectations.

Design Process
From the initial design brief we work closely with our customers to design a garment which meets their full requirements. One of our key strengths is our ability to customise any garment to the most precise specifications.

Pattern Design
Our in house design team has a wealth of experience. By utilising the latest technology we can work with you to create a truly unique and individual garment which fully represents the ethos of the school.

Fabric Design
To enable us to ensure quality, reliability and continuity we work closely with our UK suppliers. This allows us to develop and design fabrics and colours unique to each school.

Handcrafted Quality
One of the key strengths is our extremely loyal and highly skilled team. Our stitcher’s make a complete garment from start to finish. This attention to detail and care results in a quality product.

Our Flexibility
By offering a complete back up service we can guarantee that every child’s school uniform requirements are met. Our flexible approach means that we are dedicated to exceeding every customer’s expectations.


Our skilled team...

KK Bespoke Schoolwear is a result of a strong tailoring tradition spaning three generations. Our highly skillled team have been working with a wide range of garments over the years and skills have been passed onto new staff members. The knowledge and skill of the team and our production process allow us to create garments that have that extra touch of detail, quality and care.
From start...
From the first cut of the newly designed fabric pattern it is apparent how much care is taken to complete the garment to our high quality standards...
To Finish
Each stiticher can make a complete garment from start to complete piece. The dedication and care can be seen in each stitch on the garments...
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