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Senior Kilts
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senior skirt range

Each of our skirts are designed and manufactured to the schools specific requirements. Our extensive range is totally flexible; from fabric and colour choice to design and fitting, we can help you create a truly unique and bespoke skirt. The high standard of our tailoring and superior cut of our skirts gives you a timelessly elegant and stylish garment. Whether A-Line, Pleated or Bias Cut our skirts have been carefully finished by our skilled tailors and with our vast choice of fabrics and pattern designs we are confident you will find the perfect style to accompany your uniform.

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Low Waister, 4 Kick Pleat,
Top Stitched, Lined
2 Pleat Front and Back,
Top Stitched, Waist
Band Adjuster, Lined
Yoke Low Waister, 6 Gord,
Flared A-Line
4 Pleat Side Front
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